Snake ON a plane: Reptile survives flight by clinging to wing of aircraft as it flies

  1. Snake ON a plane: Reptile survives flight by clinging to wing of aircraft as it flies 500 miles at 30,000ft

    Passengers spot snake on plane's wing during flight from Australia
    Reptile was badly battered as it tried to cling on in freezing winds
    Hardy creature still appeared to be alive on landing in Papua New Guinea

    Passengers on a Qantas jet flying over Australia got a shock when they spotted a 12ft python clinging on to a wing at 30,000ft.

    The plane was around 20 minutes into its flight from Cairns in northern Australia to Papua New Guinea when a female passenger first announced she could see the reptile.

    Those on board could only watch as the snake - thought to be a Scrub Python - spent the flight battling to survive in freezing conditions.

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  2. Poor little snakey-wakey:sad:
  3. poor snake! I don't think the snake actually made it though, other news say it's dead on arrival :sad:
  4. I usually can't stand snakes, but I feel really bad for this poor thing. :sad: Seeing the pictures made me feel sad.
  5. Omg- the movie came to life!
  6. :amazed: Had no business being at an airport.

    Can't stand snakes.
  7. True, but how is a snake suppose to know the difference? It's like some people live on acres of land and get upset about animals trans pass their property. This is inevitable with overgrowing of human population :shrugs:
  8. Not a very bright snake. Can't believe it survived.
  9. :yes:

    How is the snake supposed to know where it's "business" is supposed to be? Poor snake!
  10. And the blood stains around it's body - poor, poor thing :sad:
  11. It said on the DM site that it was in all likelihood destroyed by airport officials :sad:
  12. I have heard conflicting stories. I heard that the snake made it alive, and other sources are saying it died. Not sure. I don't like snakes but it is sad to see this happen.
  13. That's so sad :sad:
  14. That is so sad! Poor fellow!
  15. Poor snake didn't even know wtf was going on.