Snake and lizard

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  1. Not to be negative...but they both make my skin crawl.
  2. In California it's illegal to buy-sale snake.
    That's why you will not see all the purse that make from snake skin.
    I wonder any other state than CA do that?
  3. awww. but they can be so cute. just curious, what is it about them that creeps you out? my mom hated snakes and lizards too.
  4. wait. whoops. are you talking about handbags or the animal?

  5. I'm talking about the handbags. I don't care for the rough feel of snakeskin, or python, *at all*. And somehow lizard looks cheap to me.

    As animals, they're fine by me.
  6. oops. oh.
  7. I totally think they can be very pretty, but I am also scare of them. Just can't imagine snake and lizard skins rub against mine...
  8. oh my god, you're right. i've never thought about this but i would flip out if i was walking along with a snake skin bag and could feel like the scales and everything rub against my skin...*shudder* ok so i've decided i don't like snake or lizard!
  9. I dont like them because I dont think there as durable. Croc/gator is probably a different story. I should have stronger feelings about this as I do have lizards and snakes as pets but... I don't heh
  10. Love them! Thought about getting a Ferragamo messenger, then getting it customized with python.
  11. I think they're not as durable too but I can be wrong. I have a couple kate spade bags with snakeskin trim. They look nice.