SNAGS all over brand-new Missoni skirt!

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  1. GRRRRR! :tdown:

    Today I bought a beautiful above-knee Missoni skirt (my first-ever couture item!) that was on the pre-sale rack at Neiman's SF. It fit me beautifully, looked hot, and was marked down from $395 to $237. Which is unusually expensive for me but I wanted it anyway. Since it's a knit, I checked all over for snags and thought I was pretty thorough. But no. :sad: I came home today all excited to model it for hubby....and that's when I noticed little snarls and snags here and there on the skirt. I thought Missoni was supposed to be high quality!?!?

    I'm guessing that since it was on the sale rack, it had been displayed on the floor for awhile, getting snagged and nicked all over the place. :sad: But really, how common are snags on these supposedly high-quality Missoni clothes???? Are their things just too delicate to wear for fear of getting more snags??? I'm just really disappointed that I'll have to return it. Thanks for listening, ladies.
  2. I was at a party recently and one of our friends had on a gorgeous Missoni dress....(Demi M. had the same one, who cares really, lol...but she DID!) anyway, as the night progressed and the more she drank the more snags appeared!! She was freaking out! I told her to go home and change before the whole damn thing unraveled!!! Im sorry this happened to you! I would take it back!
  3. I just got an M Missoni dress at Neiman's this month, have worn it once without any snags (that I noticed). I think with any knitwear, especially open knitwear like some Missoni is, this is going to be an issue. Hopefully you can return or exchange it! I think Missoni is just sooo hot!
  4. Sunshine and Liti -- thanks. Yeah, I'll have to take the skirt back but words cannot describe how CRUSHED I am! It's gorgeous and I was so excited about wearing such a fine thing! Oh well, life could be worse. lol.
  5. i have a missoni scarf and snags will happen no matter how hard you try to be genthle with it, it just seems that there is no amount that you can pay that will cover the snag issue. . .
  6. Knitwear always scares me, because of this exact thing. I'm not sure how dedicated you are to this skirt, but you could sit there with a very thing knitting needle and push the snags back in if you've got the time. It won't prevent other snags from happening - but it would make it look better!

    Are you still allowed to return it?
  7. i'm too scared of the open knits for that very reason. but i have a missoni cashmere dress that i don't think will snag (i've only worn it once), based on the fact that it has a belt with metal bits hanging off it and i got it on sale so it would have been hanging like that in the store for months. i inspected it on the counter before paying for it too :lol:
  8. Open knit snags easily. There is nothing you can really do about it, unfortunately. You could knit it back in shape, but that can take a very long time....
  9. I wish I were that handy with a knitting needle! (or sewing needles, for that matter!) I'd probably make the problem worse if I tried to fix it. But yes, I am allowed to return it and I plan to tomorrow.

    Thanks to everyone for all their replies. I'm so disappointed. REALLY bummed because this was the first short skirt I've tried in a long time that was actually flattering! Sad that I'll have to stay away from this open knitwear stuff from now on...I'd just be too paranoid about wrecking it.
  10. Sorry to hear this. I have two Missoni skirts and haven't had any problems, but I get nervous wearing them and have decided to stick to Missoni tops in the future.
  11. I just bought this same exact dress yesterday! I did see a snag on it, but I figured it could be fixed. Now I'm having second thoughts!
  12. So sorry to hear about the snags! :sad: It's hard to find a gorgeous skirt that a). fits and b). makes you feel hot, so I feel your pain! I have a gorgeous Missoni dress, and I haven't found an occasion to wear it yet, but I'll be even more paranoid than usual about the snagging issue, which unfortunately, is a negative aspects of these knits... too bad for that amount of $$ Missoni can't figure a way around snagging haha. Maybe you will find something equally gorgeous!! :smile:
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