Snagging my Legacy Lining

  1. My wedding ring must have a sharp things on the prongs, I have snagged the lining a few times already. No one sees it, but I know it is there.....anyone else do this yet?

    Oh by the way, I saw someone at the mall that has an older Coach I love it, it is a satchel type style, handle carried unless you use the long strap, it is signature and is a black on black (?) or gray. It is a smaller version, not quite a bowling bag, kinda like a small LV Alma shape, anyone know what I am talking about? I want one so badly!! I looked on eBay and didn't see anything.
    I should have stopped the lady and asked!!
  2. I haven't had a problem with snagging - yet. The fabric appears delicate and and does seem easy to snag. I'm glad you shared your story so that I can be extra careful with what I put in my bag in the future.
  3. I have one place inside my bag that I noticed that has to be from my ring. I never even noticed it until I read Mokoni's post about her lining and so I checked mine and saw the snag. Bums me out, but it happens I guess.
  4. Can this lining be replaced if need be?
  5. I know what you mean. I would suggest checking your ring too. In the past 2 years 2 of my rings needed repairs 3 times because the stones were loose esp if you wear them all of the time. In my engagement ring I noticed a stone loose and it ended up that all 3 were actually loose so if they are snagging you may need the prongs to be flattented. I am always scared I am going to snag the lining too with my rings.
  6. My legacy lining is snagged in one of my totes. Not sure from what. Also, my legacy scarf snagged too :sad: