Snagged the dark silver reissue 225!!!!


Aug 2, 2007
I really wanted a resissue in dark silver and I didnt think I would ever get one because there are long waitlists and it seemed impossible to find one. I would just admire pictures on tpf of the bag, thinking that my only hope was ebay... which i didnt want to deal with or restort too. But on tuesday on a whim I visited the Chanel boutique in San Francisco and they had only one left!! I'm really excited!! I've already taken the bag out and i've gotten lots of compliments. I love the color it looks a bit purple/pinkish in certain lights.. but maybe thats just me. The color is to die for, I cant get over how gorgeous it is!!

Thanks for letting me share. I'll try to post pictures this weekend but I'm sure everyone already knows what it looks like!! I LOVEE IT!!! :smile:


Jul 9, 2007
Looks like we both got lucky to get a DS 225 from SF Chanel. :tup:

I got mine last year in July. At that time, it's hard to get one like you mentioned about the long WL. For me, it just happended that I called the boutique at the right time & the SA told me someone decided not the take the DS 225 but the other bag. So, I also snagged it without waiting. Enjoy your bag! I just carried mine out even it was snowing here in Halifax :P

x joie

Jan 31, 2007
Oh I love this bag! It has been at the boutique for several weeks now and I tried it on so many times. Congrats on the purchase!


May 12, 2007
Congrats .... we are never tired of see pictures, please post modelling pics .... it's always nice to know a tpf got their HG purse....