Snagged a great jewelry bargain!

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  1. I was at Macy's today doing a little shopping. I decided to take a peek at the clearance jewelry. Most of it was costume jewelry, but they did have a few sterling silver pieces too. I found a sterling silver and freshwater pearl bracelet that was originally $50 marked down to $12.50! I grabbed one for my mom. When I went to the register, I was informed that their was an extra 30% off clearance prices, so the bracelet would be $8.75! I ran back and grabbed another one for myself. So, I got two freshwater pearl bracelets for $17.50 plus tax! :yahoo: Sorry the pic is blurry, but here's mine:
  2. :wtf: WOWZA!!!!!! Great bargain!!!!! Im soo jealous!!!!!!!! :drool:
  3. what a great deal!!! and that's a gorgeous bracelet!
  4. for less than $10 bucks thats cute
  5. Wow. I love deals like that. Congrats.
  6. I love Macy's for deals like that! Although I haven't bought jewelry in several years. lol Except when it's something I couldn't make myself.

    I got the cutest pair of shoes there on Friday though...less than $40 and they are so pretty. :smile:
  7. Awesome deal!!! Makes you feel so lucky when that happens!!!!
  8. congrats on that awesome bargain.
  9. Great find!! Congrats!!
  10. Beautiful, great deal!