SNAD question

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  1. Hi again, i took everyone's advice and filed a SNAD thru paypal concerning the tano purse. I am doing communication with her thru paypal but her emails are coming thru ebay to my email. I think it is just about resolved (should not have to escalate) but she sent me this email:


    i got the check today. i will go to the bank tomorrow to deposit it... i will be able to send you the check by fri at the latest. i thought it would take a lot longer to recieve a check from paypal.

    - danielle3809


    It sounds like she plans to send me a personal check?? I emailed her thru
    paypal that i was mailing the bag today and upon receipt she could credit my paypal account. I'm really not comfortable getting a personal check from someone (bank fees if a problem). Is this typical for a seller to do?
    thanks again, you all have been so helpful. :smile:
  2. I would insist on a refund via PayFoe.
  3. ^^^ITA, if her check bounces you get an additional fee. Plus she will get her PP fees back if she refunds that way too.