SNAD? Not sure what to do.. Please help!

  1. Thank you poopsie2 - I will go to the post office and look into that and see what USPS say :smile:
    I think that is what I will do in the end. Thanks for your advice.

    Yeah I know what you mean - I am not going to spend more money and replace the darker handle just to have it be lighter than the other handle..I think I will eat whatever loss and try to return this bag. Thanks for your response.
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    Do you know where I could get my hands on this form to fill out to get the custom charge returned? I don't mind if it is a long process - better than completely losing that money.

    Are you sure USPS International Priorty Express have online viewable tracking and online viewable signature? That is the most important part as this is a high ticket item and I need to make sure I cover all bases to not lose the money and the bag too. Is it $85 because it's a Flat Rate Box? If it is a flat rate box then they do not charge by the weight of the box right?

    I think the wallet cost $75 because I put it in a regular padded envelope - it was not an Express Flat Rate padded envelope ..

    I paid the custom charge to the mail man from USPS that was delivering it so I am not sure if that was directly to customs or thru the shipper -- I think directly to customs right?

    I don't think I will try any of the various methods as I am far too scared to make it worse :sad:

    Thank you - I think that is what I will do. I am too scared to try anything on it as I worry too much that I will mess it up. It is a shame as I really like that bag :sad:
  3. I would file with eBay and really stress the damage on the vachetta leather - because sometimes Ebay is not the best when it comes to SNAD for color reasons - however those handles should have been disclosed. But if it were me, for that much money -- the seller did not disclose the defects clearly. Shame on them!

    I would definitely try to get the customs fees back and wait until you are refunded then leave an appropriate negative for this seller. Their customer service is clearly as bad as their ability to properly and thoroughly describe items.

    I've looked at items listed by Brandoff but will now avoid them.
  4. Okay I will make sure to do that. Last thing I want is to open a SNAD case and lose too cus that would be the cherry on top. Do you think I should open the case with paypal instead? Thanks very much for your response.
  5. I'd file with Ebay. That way it also stays on their record - and from the looks of that seller's feedback, one more complaint and negative they might not be on Ebay for much longer. They have a ton of complaints.

    Didn't notice what bad feedback they have gotten. So sorry you had a problem, Ebay should be able to take care of this for you.
  6. I don't have a link to the exact form, but here is link to the page that provides the information you'll need:
  7. How was this resolved in the end? Did you win the SNAD case? Did you return the item and get your customs fee back? Update please, I'm curious!
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    In the end I decided to keep the Retiro and try to resell it myself disclosing all of the condition ect...

    I've made a thread in the LV forum whether it is worth it to return and a lot of the ladies told me to keep it as they didn't think it was that bad and helped me with various ideas on how to clean up the black marks and even out the patina on the handles.

    I did not feel it was worth it to lose my return shipping as well as go through all of the paper works to get the money I had to pay customs back. I've cleaned up all of the black marks with a white eraser so it is now just uneven patina on the handles as I had not been bothered to try to even them out. Other than that, the bag is really in mint condition!