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  1. I purchased a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes off ebay.
    When I got them, there were many red marks and scuffs that were not disclosed in the auction, nor did the pictures show them.

    I contacted the seller letting them know that I was disappointed, and asking what we could do to fix this matter. She replied that nothing could be done, and that I should enjoy these shoes because I got them below retail price.

    I then filed a SNAD. After doing so, the seller has offered me a partial refund, which I accepted.

    However, today I get an email not through ebay but my personal one asking me to close the claim and then she will refund my money because her funds are frozen...

    Does this sound legit to any of you ladies?!
  2. Do not close the case until you get your money. I would email or call Ebay customer service and see what the deal is. If you close it and you dont get your refund then you are screwed.

    Im so sorry this happened to you. Seems like this type of thing is getting more and more frequent. GOOD LUCK!
  3. Thank you! I've been on hold with ebay for almost an hour.
    Should I respond to that seller saying I can't close the case until I receive my money?
  4. And after an hour of waiting, I got disconnected from the ebay rep! UGH! :cursing:
  5. yes, you should not close the case untill you get your money back!! tell the seller.
  6. Did you escalate it ? They would have frozen her funds if you did as far as I know.
  7. I haven't escalated the case yet. It says she has until Wednesday to refund me, otherwise to contact them.
  8. Well as far as I know, her funds shouldn't be frozen until it's escalated...anyhoo, don't close that case !
  9. Thanks y'all. I really don't want to respond to her personal email. I feel like it should go through ebay.
  10. Yes, everything needs to go through My Ebay. (If it were me, I would copy and paste her personal email reply into your My Ebay message response.) The Ebay rep is able to via all correspondence via My Ebay. HTH!
  11. I was confused when you said "off eBay" kuz around here that usually means purchased on a website other than eBay. But based on your other posts, I'm assuming you did buy them on eBay.

    PP does freeze funds when a dispute is open. If I were you, I wouldn't close the dispute. If you do, she could refuse the partial and you wouldn't be able to open another case.

    Since you have an open case, you need to communicate with her only through the Resolution Center, not via personal email accounts.
  12. That seems to be the most common thing, for me disconnected after 2 HOURS. grrrrrr
  13. Do NOT close the case. I'm sure your seller knows that if you close the case then you cannot force a refund if she doesn't volunteer to give you one.

    That is a ploy to get out of refunding you.

    Even once the funds are held, a seller only need go to the transaction page in Pay Pal and hit "refund" ... the freeze on funds does NOT prevent a seller from processing a refund.
  14. I know when I filed a case with paypal recently, they had a button for partial refund within the claim. Wonder why ebay doesn't have that feature.
  15. If you don't get the partial, contact ebay.

    As for the email you received, go to "contact seller" through ebay and copy and paste her message. Then respond to her that "now that we are in a dispute, do not contact me directly by email but rather, all contact is to be made through the dispute console. All contact must be documented.

    I will not close the dispute until my paypal account shows the agreed-upon partial refund."

    That way, it'll be on ebay record that you want all contact documented and you've clearly stated what you expect from her.