SNAD - full refund or partial refund?


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Oct 5, 2007
I've posted a similar thread regarding this purchase on the Chanel forum. Everyone was very helpful but I thought I would create another thread here as this is now relating more to ebay.

Here is my situation:

I purchased a chanel reissue on ebay for $2500. The seller listed the item as MINT. Before I made the purchase, I also asked the seller directly if there were any flaws on the bag, especially at the corners. She said that the bag was in excellent condition. When the bag arrived, I found two stains on the bag (corner and flap) and the threading of the top left corner of the flap is loose. The corners have obvious sign of wears. I emailed the seller right away (monday), explained the concerns. I waited until today (thursday), no respond from her. I filed a claim with paypal and she immediately responded to paypal that she disagreed with my dispute. However, she did not explain why.
Now my concern is the seller is in Canana, IF I do win the case, I would have to pay the shipping cost to return the bag to the seller correct? I could imagine the shipping cost with signature confirmation and insurance for $2500 would be fairly high. Also, I've read many horror stories about shipping to Canada, I'm afraid what if the bag does not arrived safely? All that just seem like a nightmare.
So, should I just ask for a partial refund? On my claim, I've already stated that I wanted full refund. Would it ok to email the seller to ask for partial refund now?
What should I do? Stick with returning the bag and get full refund? Or save the troubles and the risks and just ask for partial refund?
Sorry for a long post. Thank you for your advices!

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If you're ok with it, ask for a partial refund. Or have her pay what it would cost for Chanel to fix it.

Personally, I'd send it back. I wish PayPal supported the seller paying for both shipping costs in situations like these. Why should you have to pay $20+ to send something back that wasn't as described.


Apr 28, 2009
I am not sure how it works, but I have heard in some cases where seller has to pay back the buyer's shipping cost. wait for ellie mae ro chloe to chime in. I would send it back though if it were me. However if YOU can live with it ask for a partial. If seller agrees she can call paypal and have them fix the form. Then you call in and authrize it. That's how it works when I went through it.


Dec 1, 2008
I think the main issue with Canada would be the declared value on the Customs form, right? I've heard of people (sellers) requesting very low declared values, and if the person doesn't agree, the seller will refuse the package. OP, I think you should return the bag, because for $2,500, you should be happy with your purchase. I think you should call eBay/Paypal first, though, and ask what will happen if the seller refuses the package.

I hope you can work it out with the seller!