SNAD Ebay Purchase Return W/O Opening A Case. Please Advise!

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  1. Hi All,

    I've recently bought a LV bag for a little over $1k and it was unfortunately SNAD. The seller omitted all of the actual damage and true condition of the bag in the listing pictures and description.

    I've contacted the seller right away on Wed 3/12 which was the same day that I received the bag (and made sure to choose "other" as the reason for contact to make sure it does not automatically opens a SNAD case ) and explained to her why I was not happy with my purchase and attached all of the pictures that I took of the damages that were not disclosed.

    Although the listing stated no returns accepted - the seller replied back telling me to go ahead and send the bag back and she'll issue me a refund and also gave me her return address which matched the return address on the package.

    I sent the seller a message asking her to confirm that she will refund me the refund of the full amount without any restocking fee upon receiving the bag back and she replied with a yes that she will refund me the full amount.

    I thought the seller was being very reasonable and she had already agreed to a full refund via ebay messages and already gave me her return address which matched the return address on the package.

    Yesterday 3/13 I went ahead and sent the bag back to the seller in the original box/packaging as I had received the day before with USPS priority mail 3 day with signature confirmation.

    I want to know if I did the right thing for returning the bag back to the seller first without opening a SNAD case via paypal/ebay? I slept on it and today woke up with paranoia that somehow I did not follow the correct protocol.

    Were we supposed to open a SNAD case first and get the seller to agree to accept the return prior to sending the item back? I didn't want to open a case/escalating a case to customer support ect... since the seller was being so reasonable and had already agreed via ebay message to the return/refund.

    But now I cannot help but worry a little bit since at the moment I am without the item and without my money and no case is opened to ensure I will actually get my money back.

    So now it is all in the seller's hand to actually follow through and issue me my full refund upon receiving back her item. If the seller, for some reason does not follow through, would I be able to open an SNAD case later and provide my proof of return ect...? I can't help but feel like I am doing it backwards :sad:

    Please advise.. Thank you so much!
  2. I had the same situation some time ago. Contacted seller and they ( company) agreed for full refund. I send it back with insurance and signature confirmation and send tracking number to the seller ( everything via ebay messages ) Just to be sure I phoned ebay to ask what if... They said not to worry because they can see all our messages and if seller refuses to send me my money back they will assist me. My story had happy ending so I didn't have to contact ebay again.
    I think you should be OK- you have all your messages to back you up. Hope soon we will see your post saying you got your money back :smile:
  3. I always give the seller the opportunity to rectify the situation before opening a case against them. I have, in the past, returned items based on ebay messages and have always received my refunds as soon as the seller has received the item. I have never had to open a case after working with an agreeable seller.

    But that's just my experience. Perhaps someone has had a different experience and will be able to advise.
  4. I also think that you did the right thing, and it sounds like the seller was willing to work with you. If, for some reason, she didn't refund, you could still file SNAD and then upload the tracking that showed the package had been returned to the seller.
  5. Oh Wonderful! Thank you so much ladies! You've all helped ease my mind :hbeat:
  6. ^^^ I agree with all the above. Involving ebay unnecessarily to resolve situations just puts more work on them and translates into higher fees for us.
  7. I think you did the right thing! I was in a similar situation a few months ago - I contacted the seller and she was nice and accepted the return. Everything went smoothly. Hope you get refunded soon!
  8. This is correct, I have been through this.

    Seller agreed return through messages, then when I returned it, went quiet.

    Opened a case and uploaded tracking showing attempted delivery. I was refunded.