SNAD - do I need to contact Ebay

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  1. had to happen!!
    I have just received a bag from Ebay that I am seriously not happy with. I have contacted the seller stating why I want a refund. I paid thru paypal and with my cc.
    Do I also have to inform Ebay of what my decision is? Even if the seller agrees to my refund, and I then send the bag back (recorded and signed for) I would still have no guarantee of a refund?
    I'm sure there are millions of threads on this.. and I apologise..but if someone could just tell me what to do next..
    Many thanks x
  2. Why you wanted a refund? Was the item significantly not as described?
    If Seller agreed to accept return for refund, no need as yet to inform eBay. But you have to make sure what kind of refund the seller will provide, a full refund, i.e the entire purchase price including shipping, purchase price only and not the shipping cost, or seller will charge a restocking fee or such.
  3. hi - yes the item is SNAD. I have contacted the seller so I do hope to hear from her. If she agrees to a refund, and I send the bag back to her, what sort of guarantee do I have that she will then refund? Surely I have to inform Ebay initially to inform them of what I am doing? i just feel that either ebay or paypal should know of my intentions re the item purchased.
  4. You always can file a dispute with eBay if after the item showed delivered but Seller not provides the refund. But if you are worry, you can inform eBay early on prior returning the item. We never knows. Some Sellers are quick to refund without buyers file any dispute, but some Sellers just try to stalled it until you can't file dispute with eBay or Paypal.
    Nowadays probably you need to notify eBay.
  5. okay... after reading SNAD details on Ebay...looks like i have to give 3 days for the seller to reply to me before I can do anything else...... :sad:
  6. thank you - I think we posted at the same time - I'll see if the seller contacts me...
  7. Hi Ellie Mae - i have contacted her so far thru 'question about item' - 'item not as described'
    I haven't filed a SNAD dispute as yet - should I do this even before hearing back from the seller?
    Thank you so much x
  8. That is really up to you. If she's been congenial and prompt to respond thus far, then I would probably give her a day or so to answer.
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    Last edited: Feb 2, 2010
    ok thanks - i will - i've never had any problem on ebay before so I am panicking somewhat....but I wil try and be patient. Many thanks for your help Ellie-Mae.

    just another question - if the seller agrees to refund, should she refund me before I send the bag back to her - or on receipt of it? I don't want to be in the situation of no money and no bag!?
  10. Refund upon receipt of return. Only correspond w/ seller via ebay messaging or via a dispute. This gives ebay a record of the agreement between parties. DO NOT correspond via email.

    Ship back insured w/ online tracking and sig confirmation.

    Don't panic.. no need! And you are most welcome.. HTH.
  11. Thanks Ellie Mae (love your pic)
    The seller has contacted me and she doesn't think she mis-described the bag. I have sent her photos of various issues I have with the bag but unfortunately she will be unable to view them until thurs evening, so I will have to wait and see. Thanks for your help x
  12. LOL...THANKS!

    No prob. Let us know what she says....
  13. oh just great :sad: - just re-checking sellers feedback - today someone has left a negative - ...seller has not sent the buyers item and has kept the money and is not responding to a paypal claim....but surely this must go in my favour?? untrustworthy??!!
  14. Could be. Can you tell from the feedback how long it has been since the item was won to the time feedback left?