SNAD Dispute Question

  1. For a SNAD dispute if Paypal sides with the buyer they provide a "full refund". Does this include shipping? Thanks!
  2. They will include the original shipping. NOT the cost of return shipping. This is why I always file a snad when returning something that is not as described, most sellers will agree to refund your money, and then only give you your purchase price.

    As a seller, if the buyer returns because he don't like it or it doesn't fit...they pay shipping both ways. If I make a mistake I give a FULL refund including shipping both ways, it is only fair.
  3. I think it depends on the case. In my case we had originally decided on a refund of the sale price and not shipping, so I honored that when I had to make a claim (despite the buyer NOT honoring our agreement!). So the buyer might request the full amount including shipping or they may not. If they do, the seller has a chance to object and offer a different amount, I think. I am not positive because my seller didn't respond to ANYTHING, including the claim!
  4. I got a full refund on my SNAD claim, but had to pay return shipping myself.
  5. Thanks. That's what I needed to know.

    Since sever asked about the case...
    I sold an item that was used with a damaged part. It is a large, heavy item that cost a lot to ship. Described the damage and posted detailed pics in the listing. I know the part that was damaged could be replaced but I didn't know whether it could be repaired and told they buyer that before he bid. They are upset because it cannot be repaired so that have to replace the part. Even though I don't believe it is owed since it was in the listing, I offered a refund less shipping to make the buyer happy. They are threatening a SNAD claim.

    I know many of these go to the buyer so I just wanted to be prepared, know what the worst case scenario is, and get everything ready in case.
  6. If you fully disclosed and posted pics of the damaged part, I would think that paypal would not be siding with the buyer once you state your side of the case.
  7. Since it was in the description paypal should side decide in your favor, you are being more than fair offering a refund of the purchase price.

    Just keep copies of all your emails
  8. PayPal seems to side with the buyer no matter what. I sold a brand new completely undamaged handbag to a new Ebayer with only a few feedbacks (my mistake). She immediately filed a SNAD saying that the bag had 1) been used, 2) washed with detergent (it's a leather bag for crying out loud) 3) been sprayed with perfume and 4) had holes in it. I sent photos to PayPal showing that the bag was in absolute pristine condition. I felt that the buyer, who had made several purchases recently, probably had bid more than she could afford and just wanted her money back. Well, PayPal said I had to refund her the entire purchase price and shipping (she had to pay to return the bag to me) even though I had agreed to a partial refund (less restocking and not including shipping). I just assumed that the buyer had damaged the bag to back up her story but was surprised again to see it arrive in new, pristine, unused condition. Morale of the story - Just because you list things accurately doesn't mean they are really sold when they sell. PayPal cited the "User Agreement" when I asked them why they allowed her SNAD claim. I guess that basically means that I agreed somewhere to let Buyers walk all over me and waste my time and money. Love you PayPal!!