Snacks You Cant Live Without

  1. I would die without:
    Tostitos tortilla chips and salsa dip
    Cheez Its
    UTZ salt and vinegar chips

    What about you?
  2. Chips and homemade salsa
    Frozen bananas
  3. pita chips & hummus
    Lay's potato chips
    almonds/pistachios/any kind of nuts
    granola bars
    apple with peanut butter
  4. Quest bars
  5. I grew up on pistachios. I love the salt and pepper flavor that I recently discovered at Duane Reade. The seasoning adds a nice kick, sooooo good.
  6. Original Sun chips, Maple nut goodies, grapefruit cups :smile:
  7. Apple slices
    String cheese
  8. Oranges
    Homemade oatmeal raisin cookies
    Pizza goldfish
    Pizza Pringles
    Whatever fruit that may be in season..
  9. pistacchios, macadamias, roasted cashews w/rosemary
    guacamole w/salsa, sour cream & chips
  10. Guacamole and chips
    Hot Cheetos (terrible I know)
    Dark Chocolate
    Freshly made Chocolate chip cookies
    Pistachios, salt and peppered.

  11. Guacamole = heaven
  12. I actually don't like the cheese cheetos. Just the hot cheetos. Lol
  13. skinny pop popcorn! perfect amount of saltiness.
  14. I love hot Cheetos!! I buy a bag a couple times a month and totally indulge. I could probably eat them everyday, but try to show restraint most of the time! :smile:
  15. I try to only buy a small bag once a month. Lol. It's hard sometimes!
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