1. Hi does anyone know when Smythson has their sale. Also when is the spring/summer collection released? On their website they have a new Domino range. Do they release collections just from time to time? I loved their Pistachio range and waited for the sale and missed out (same with the recent Peacock colour-I could kick myself). Not sure now whether I should go for the Lilac passport holder £150-eeek!!! (do they sell a luggage tag or bow keyring in store?). Please help :crybaby:
  2. I have no idea. They have a unique style. I had never heard of them before I pulled up the website. Best wishes.
  3. Oh glad you like.:yahoo:Please help as above.
  4. Smythson sales are normally twice a year - January and then July/August.
    I bought the Mayfair bag from the Pistachio range last year and love it! Fantastic sale price too....

    The January sale was quite good too... I was sorely tempted by the Capri travel bag but passed it up for the credit card holder and luggage instead because I did not want to spend too much money.
  5. Oh I love your bag, Ive seen a picture on another post :drool:. The colour is gorgeous and, again, wish I had bought the passport holder. Many thanks for the advice. Any other Smythson fans out there ? Please post pics of your Smythson goodies. I love the mirror & photo pendants (quite fancy the white). I have never been to their store. Is there a bigger range than the website ?
  6. Stores do carry a wider range (including the bow keyring from £55 depending on colour - loving the Tiffany blue). A few of their bags are also sold in Harvey Nichols.
  7. Oh I'm so with you on this the aqua is very "Tiffany" blue. Can't make up my mind between this and the lilac or clementine. Looking forward to seeing the spring/summer collection. When will it be out ? Is it just "Domino" this year? Are the passport holders a bit tight? Questions, questions but their products are very high end and I want to make the right decision before I invest. Anyone got an upgrade (flying) for having a smythson passport holder?
  8. I know zilch about Smythson it seems, but I'm very glad that I found out about them last month when I got my agenda, it beat buying any other designer agenda for the same price (only because I did get it on sale) or double the price!

    If I could, I would get other colors of it, my bijou agenda is getting me hooked to Smythson! Too bad I'll more than likely never enter a Smythson store, too far.

    I think you should go for clementine!
  9. The new collection is out. I walked into the Bond Street shop last weekend - lots of very nice colours. I particularly like the Nancy clutch bags but find them a little pricey.