Smythson Nancy Bag

  1. I just wondered if anyone has purchased the Smythson Nancy bag or if anyone has any views on it? Many thanks!
  2. Do you have any pictures of it?
  3. I found this pic:


    I love Smythsons but their bags are ruinously expensive! at least for me, lol! this one costs £950 or $1900

    on the other hand, I noticed these cute keychains for ony £60. (darned enablers on tpf :p )

  4. Not really my style, but I like the color. Looks pretty good for fall.

    Good Luck!
  5. I think they are beautiful. But the price is a killer.
  6. I dont have one but I l[​IMG]ve the style. Pesonally, I like it in black.