Smythson Mayfair Bag

  1. I bagged a real bargain a couple of days ago and wondered what everyone else thought on this... its a Smythson Mayfair Bag in Pistachio Green.

    I had my eye on one since they first launched their bag range a few years ago, but they are pretty pricey. Speaking to the SA, I think its the first time they've gone on sale. It comes with a matching Smythson notebook and silver pencil.

  2. Very nice!! Congrats!!! I love it! :yes:
  3. That is really pretty. Congrats on your find.
  4. Cute purse. I can imagine Charlotte of 'Sex and the City' carrying that bag.
  5. Very cute....LOVE the color.
  6. Thank you all...

    It was marked down to £265 from the original price of £795. I could not resist!
  7. I have always coveted the Smythson range of bags having a Smythson notebook and travel wallet that are gorgeous, but always felt they were a bit pricey for what they were, but at the price you paid, I am almost as green (but not nearly as pretty!) as the bag you've bought because I am so envious. Well done you!
  8. Wow that is really cute! LOVE the pistachio, and what a great deal! Congrats!
  9. I absolutely adore this bag. I think you should be very happy with yourself!
  10. Thanks, ladies.

    I had already bought a bag at the winter sales and was not planning to buy another. However, I loved it so much that I had to have it... No more bags for me for the next 6 months!