SMS Text Update?


Luxury Mart
Mar 8, 2009
Hey, has anyone signed up for the sms text feature while shopping on ebay?

For example, when you are outbid, you are automatically sent a text to your mobile?

If so, are you charged any additional fees on top of using a text?

I have unlimited texting with T-Mobile, I just don't want to get charged money =/


Oct 13, 2008
it takes away the suspense, thrill and fun of it all. of actually being there and watching the bidding process! at least for me...
might be worth it if you know you will get a great deal, like hundreds off from retail price...
Dec 30, 2007
I turned all that functionality off on my ebay account a long time ago. I really don't like getting messages that I have been outbid. And that "you've been outbid" X you get looks too much like you somehow got it wrong.

I don't like getting caught in bidding wars - it invariably ends up costing me more money than it should have. So if I am bidding on an auction, I always wait until the last minute or snipe. I bid the highest I am willing to pay and forget about it.