SMs back from Podium

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  1. I’ve been told Togo, Epsom, and Alligator only. No smooth leathers. If anyone has heard otherwise, I would love to know. Alligator is $34,800 CAD. So far none have arrived here.
  2. :yes: This is the same intel as I've been told. ;)
  3. has anyone got their hands on anything in vert Amande yet?
  4. Thank you! Any leather pricing intel?
  5. Very pretty. A combo of Gris M and Sage.
  6. I have not been offered any vert Amande bags but I saw a lady with a vert Amande b25 at my home store. I chatted with her and she said she had been offered it recently.
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  7. Vert Amande is starting to flow in and after seeing the color on this thread, my SA found me a bi-color Calvi. The interior is Gris Perle.

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  8. These neutral colors go together so nicely!
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  9. Nice! :heart:
  10. I LOVE both of these colours! :heart::heart::heart: Very nice choice of Calvi!
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  11. Dear all pls find the picture of vert Rousseau in swift and togo leather below. LOVE

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  12. Gorgeous! Reminds me a lot of Vert Cypress
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  13. I think it is a ted darker than vert titien
  14. There was a GP on the US website a couple of days ago.
  15. Hey @Meta! Your post is from a while back but have been dying to see (and hopefully own) the Clic H in the 33 size. Do you know if it can still be purchased?

    Also has anyone ever seen what fits inside?