SMs back from Podium

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  1. I’m not an expert on the subject, but I don’t see why this is not definite. How exciting!
    Congratulations! :biggrin:
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  2. Thanks for your optimism, blondissima777!! I want to feel it too!
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  3. I can’t imagine your SA offering you this, specifically mentioning the SM approved it, giving you a timeline of when you’ll be able to chose colors and not come through with it.
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  4. You are so right - they have both been very strightforward
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  5. oops, i hit post too soon. They have both been very straightforward with me at every opportunity. So excited!!! I will update next week!!
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  6. Yes podium
    Happy for you
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  7. Thank you, bagidiotic!!
  8. Make gd use of this opportunity get your dream grail
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  9. DR2014,
    This is what happened to me when I got my red kelly in 2014. SA and SM told me that I was first on the list to be offered when it came in. It was a PO, so I just had to sit back and wait for it. (Totally worth the wait, too!) Congratulations on the GREAT NEWS!!!
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  10. Ahhhh sighhhhh
    THAT red kelly :heart:

    Congrats on your PO DR2014!!!!
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  11. Thank you and hugs to you, IF!!! (LOVING your RA Kelly! Swwoooooooning over here! ):heart::hugs:
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  12. Congrats on your PO. I am guessing it might be the new colour Rouge de Coeur which comes in Epsom and probably other leathers also for SS19.
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  13. Thank you so much, all - I will let you know what I find out next week about the options. I told my DH last night at dinner about the upcoming expenditure - and he informed me that my H buying is enabling him to buy a new motorcycle he has been eyeing for years! AAAArrrrggghhh!!!! At least my H addiction does not put me at risk of injury (I think.....)!
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  14. Oops I was trying to do a multi quote with my last response! Trying again?!
  15. Ladybaga, have you posted a picture of your red kelly? I would love to see it!! I will go search for it now! :smile: