SMs back from Podium

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  1. It’s really more end of January/beginning of February.

    When my friend and I placed POs January 2018 she received hers in August or September and mine arrived at the end of October.
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  2. Probably a good question for the evercalf thread since I’ve only had mine a couple of weeks. To me, it feels like the bag will keep its shape. It is very lightweight. It’s not as stiff as box leather and really reminds me of barenia. My barenia B is holding strong after two years of regular use.
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  3. Thank you! Didn’t know there was an evercalf thread, I’ll go check it out!
  4. Do you know off evergrain is the same thing as evercolor?
  5. Maybe that is what evergrain is instead of evercolor? I’m sure someone here knows more on the subject.
  6. I think lots of folks are confused but I’ll try to make it clear. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    Evercalf: smooth leather, no grain.

    Evergrain: it is evercalf but with a pressed grain, not a deep grain. It is very faint. It is only used for leathers with no color like Noir.

    Evercolor: same characteristics as Evergrain but used only for colored leathers.
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  7. That’s what I understand, too. I also read Evercalf in many ways are like box, just softer.
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  8. Thank you, Yoshi1296!! My noir convoyeur 25 is in evergrain. It is extremely soft and luxurious to the touch, i would not have guessed it is a pressed leather. Now I really want to experience how evercalf feels, I am sure its even softer and more luxurious!!
  9. I think Evergrain can have colour too - I have a B30 in Bleu Indigo Evergrain
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  10. Cross between Box and Barenia? :faint:
    Can you please post a picture??
    Sounds like a dream!
    Do you have anything in Box, Swift or something else in black to see what it looks like next to it?
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  11. I told my SA I was saving my first black H bag for box leather but nothing was coming in PHW (a must in black for me). Then this bag arrived and he surprised me with it. I decided to forego my wait for a black box Kelly and went for this instead.

    The only thing I have in black box (for photo comparison) is a CDC so I’ve tried to demonstrate the difference here. The sheen of evercalf is very hard to capture via camera. I LOVE THIS LEATHER. So buttery soft.

    1. Direct shot of full bag

    2. Close up of leather for sheen purposes

    3. Comparison with my black box CDC w/ rose gold
  12. I was also offered a k32 noir in evercalf in September. I took it. Agree with cavluv. I have not babied it at all. It holds up. Not quite like Barenia but similar; I have a barenia B35 that is used a ton, 5-6 years old now. Very soft
  13. This is beautiful! Please update us in the future how it holds up its shape and resistance to scratches.
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  14. Thank you so much for the pictures, dear Cavluv!
    Your bag is absolutely stunning!!
    I love smooth leathers and there’s no way I’d say no to a gorgeous bag like this if I was offered one. Box has the legacy but Evercalf looks just as beautiful.
    Enjoy her in great health!
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  15. I spoke to my SA today in my home store, it was empty and lots of time to chat. :smile: She said she was going to get me my #1 wish list item, a red kelly (!!!!) and that the SM had approved it. When I left, she said she would tell me next week what exact red and leather were going to be available. Is that a podium order? Is it ok for me to start getting really excited or is this not as definite as I am hoping it is?? I am trying to be calm but its not working! :panic::yahoo: