SMs back from Podium

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  1. thank you!!! so excited that lizard is coming back
  2. I know my FSH SA's colleague sold a 25 red Lizard B in early 2018 and Ombré also comes in the Roulis with Croc and Verrou chain.
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  3. Can someone please tell me, ff the manager places a podium order in mid-January, when would I get the bag?
  4. Generally 3rd or 4th quarter of this year
    Sm only can order
    The rest all up to Paris
  5. May I ask how many heritage leather types are there? Is evercalf one of them too?

    Thank you in advance!
  6. Afaik evercalf was rested
    Replaced by evercolor
    There might be still small production of evercalf from those balance stocks
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  7. My cardcase i purchased from the store last month is in evercalf; probably from the small stock of leather that's left :biggrin:
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  8. Was it c stamp?
  9. Thank you for the reply! I got an evercalf mini Constance in end of November 2018 and somehow remember seeing the leather swatch showing heritage leather but I am not 100% sure.

    Didn’t know they don’t produce evercalf anymore!! It’s so smooth, soft and delicate.
  10. My evercalf mini Constance is stamp c too.
  11. Yes will definitely try to ask, mind you i'm not a top spender at all, lol. But no harm in asking... the rest is up to the universe. By Universe I mean the store SM.
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  12. I just purchased a K in noir evercalf. The SM said it is coming back in B/K this season in limited quantities. It is probably my new favorite leather. It’s like a cross between box and Barenia. The sheen and softness is divine.

    He also said it’s only coming in noir and ebene.
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  13. Is evercalf different than evercolor? Very curious in this and would love to know more. Thank you!
  14. Yes quite different. It is completely smooth with no grain whatsoever. I’ve heard that evercolor is evercalf with a grain stamped onto it. Evercalf also has a sheen. Not as polished as box but more than swift or pre-patina’d barenia.
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  15. Do you know long term how it wears? Like will it get more floppy kinda like Swift? Or is it more firm like box/Barenia?