SMs back from Podium

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  2. I believe there are two sizes! PM and MM?
  3. Is it possible to order Chévre in PO
  4. Not in a Birkin or Kelly with the exception of the Mini Kelly II
  5. No you cant
    It's a control leather such as box and barenia
  6. Anyone here know which colour birkin 30 currently come with rose gold hardware.
    I am considering adding a birkin with RGHW, however not sure what colour option currently available for RGHW.
    Anyone know, please chime in. Much appreciated it !!!!
  7. I have only seen it with black, bleu nuit and Gris T birkins so far, HTH!
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  8. More pics of bags to share from earlier intel
    Clic H 21
    Clic H 33

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  11. very likely is Rouge de coeur
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  13. A couple of clearer pictures and new designs for the men's bags for next season.

    The spray paint effect line is called Cosmos, with the new messenger called Ultrapla, meaning super flat
    12-sac-haut-a-courroies-cosmos-photo-vicente-sahuc-e6045e.jpg.png 12-sac-cityslide-cross-photo-vicente-sahuc-99aac3.jpg.png 11-sac-etriviere-shoulder-photo-vicente-sahuc-0bf11c.jpg.png 13-sac-hermes-ultrapla-photo-vicente-sahuc-ccd058.jpg.png
  14. Please someone tell me the Cosmos comes in a smaller size than 40. I'll probably be lonely in this feeling, but I LOVE it.
  15. Does a bracelet count? :graucho:

    I do love the look of these, but have no idea how good I would look trying to sport this look in the real world, very much like the Endless Road motif.

    I'm also still intrigued on quite how this process is created - it kind of looks like a bleu encre base which is then what, printed on, a bit like the One Two Three And Away We Go B? Or is it the original leather dye that is created like that? I don't know whether that's even possible!