SMs back from Podium

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  1. I don't but if you do a search on the forum or the internet you'll be able to find one easily. ;)

    First sighting of Mauve from SS19 in Bastia in Chevre Mysore from reseller Instagram.
  2. Oh my. I love this color.
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  3. “One” of my HG colors is 5P pink and this color Mauve reminds me of this color. It’s a gorgeous pink. We really appreciate the picture.
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  4. :yw: :smile:
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  5. Your posts are always the best! xoxoxoxo
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  6. Another picture of Mauve from reseller IMG_2306.jpg
  7. Does anyone know if the new pink, mauve sylvester, will be available in a birkin, Kelly, or Constance? My SA said she didn’t know yet.
  8. I think it’s going to be in a mini Kelly. That’s all I’ve heard.
  9. Has anyone seen the New Kelly Ado backpack yet? What sizes are available?
  10. Interesting that everyone seem to refer mauve sylvestine as pink... but I recall seeing it being placed under the purple family...
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  11. does look like a pale purple imho
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  12. Maybe because people have been comparing it to glycine?
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  13. I bought the mauve Bastia. It is closest to the picture MiniNavy posted above. Regarding whether it is pink or purple - it’s on the pink end of the mauve spectrum. If you consider mauve purple, then it is a pinkish mauve. If you consider mauve pink, then it is a purplish mauve.
    In any event, it is lovely.
  14. No, but I'm anxiously awaiting it too.
  15. Any idea what other items it’ll come in?
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