SMs back from Podium

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  1. Anyone have a picture of Bleu Du Nord? Is it a Dark Blue or Light Blue? TIA
  2. It's a light/medium bleu. The mini Kelly Picnic is I believe in Bleu de Nord.

  3. Thank you very much. That Kelly is super cute. Do you happen to have a picture of Bleu Zellige?
  4. I received last week my Podium Order. I ordered it under my name but it was my hubby who paid and used his credit card. My question: Will it count as my quota bag even if he was the one who paid?
  5. In the USA, the top of the receipt says client name and number so I would check there. That will tell you which profile the bag was allotted to.
  6. I'm longing for a B or K in this color. The color is so rich and perfect as a neutral bag.
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  7. I've been obsessing over green bags lately. Just absolutely obsessed! :panic:
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  8. I really love the purple undertone in daylight, this is a beautiful color.
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  9. Thanks. I am in Europe. I do not know if they have same the policy. I asked somebody from here and I got the same response.
  10. What are the colors offered for the Podium this time?
  11. My SA confirmed no B/K/C in rose ete during podium. Only SLGs.
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  12. Do you and your husband have a shared account? I’m in Europe also. In our store there are two bags a year per family account - husbands and wives share one account. Previously spouses could have separate accounts, but now they share. This might depend on the store. (Maybe you could just ask the SA what their store policy is.)
  13. and 2002 bag :biggrin:
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  14. Hi. We have separate accounts.
  15. Hi. I’m not sure what the answer is then then - sorry I wasn’t more help. (My receipts all have both my H’s and my name on them together.)