SMs back from Podium

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  1. Such a handsome yellow, you think it could also be similar to the Paille Yellow color? Saw some constances in Paille Yellow last year, so gorgeous!
  2. I think the 18cm is the older model (18 and 23), and the newer models are 19 and 24.
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  3. Was that a size 25? I would love a pic, it sounds divine!
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  4. Wow, this is gorgeous!
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  5. Oh that is right! Someone will enlighten us with comparison photo soon. :idea:
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  6. Bow down! Thanks for the info, Wen!
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  7. That was my first thought too. Paille is like a pale yellow and Amber def reminds me of that!
  8. That's really strange. I got the mini Constance from the H boutique this month and the SA still called it a "Constance 18". I have two of them now, both of which are this year's purchases (I know, bad) and they're the exact same size. I'll pull one up and do a measure of the base tonight when I go home!
  9. The receipt should list a size too, I believe.
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  10. Yah I looked it up right before I responded just out of curiosity. The only thing it says is "Sac Constance III Mini Veau Epsom", the price, the item code, the color and of course my SA's name. It's quite strange...
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  11. i just bought a mini C 2 weeks ago at fsh it is definitely measured ( i used a tape measure just now) 18cm across!! not 19
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  12. i also read somewhere that constance varies between 23 and 24 someone who recently bought one might be able to confirm?
  13. Can we order now these colors for the Podium in January?
  14. You can check with your SA on the style of bag you're interested in for SS18 colors and see if the store ordered them. If so, perhaps they can let you know when one comes in. The January podium is for FW18.
  15. They will all vary a little, being handcut and hand made. I know my Cs are definitely not identical in dimension.
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