SMs back from Podium

  1. Thank you! :ty:
  2. I also saw on another thread on this forum (posted by @leuleu) a Double Sens 45 in Magnolia (and Bleu Nuit) on website. So divine! I really can't wait to see it in person.

  3. I saw that on the UK website. It’s gorgeous!
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  4. Has anyone heard of any red for the Spring/Summer season? I’m dying for Rouge Vif or Ruby or Rouge Garange to come back.
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  5. New Amber Yellow
  6. Rouge vif is around. I saw a B and a C in store this F/W.
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  7. What leather was he C if you could remember? I only saw C in ostrich and B, but i’m hoping to Togo Kelly or Epsom C:angel:
  8. I have been seeing rouge vif on the internet. Is rouge vif and rouge garrance darker than rouge casaque? I have a birkin 30 in RC and would like to get a Kelly 28/32 in either vif or garrance.
  9. I don’t think it’s darker, its tone is more blue-based, rasperry like.
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  10. I got a Rouge Vif C19 in Tadelakt this year. Love love the color! and the leather is divine.
    Think its available in Togo for B as well.
  11. i bought a rouge vif kelly in togo a few months ago!
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  12. I am guessing Amber is in between Soleil and Jaune d’or. Can’t wait to see more!
  13. The Constance 24 was tadelakt GHW and the Birkin 30 was togo PHW.
  14. My SA also quoted 19cm for the mini constance.. can you confirm the size? For the longest time i’ve read 18cm.. did they add the 1cm lately? (Don’t have a C yet..). Thanks!
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  15. The red for SS18 is Capucine. (This is featured on the runway in RTW.) Rouge Vif was available in small quantities for B/K in Togo for 2017. Tadelakt items were push offer (e.g., Sellier Kelly, Constance.)

    Rouge Casaque is available in limited designs in Evercolor for SS18. The few that I know of are Roulis/Mini Roulis, Jige, and 2002. Rubis seems to be available in Villandry, the new leather. There's one on the US site in the Cinhetic clutch.

    No signs of Rouge Garance. HTH. :smile:
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