SMs back from Podium

  1. That's a weird pin as it tags, which I believe is a French company, but it calls the color "rose poudré". I'm not sure how dependable that source can be.
  2. Painted birkin like this ? Photo borrowed from Ins
  3. Licol! A picotin in long strap! I will want one!
    Thanks for sharing those info! So exciting.
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  4. I just met my SA today and asked her about Lime color in B or K which sadly she said that Lime won't come in B or K. It will come only in accessories, SLGs, and other bag model ex. Victoria
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  5. I think I saw it avail today in herbag
  6. Yes, in herbag too but not B and K
  7. I saw a reseller post a lime Kelly in evercolor. Maybe a fake?
  8. I saw a lime k28 retourne in evercolour with PHW at FSH on 4 July. It was on the display with the "display only" plate on the side.
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  9. I saw that too when I was there June 27.
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  10. Yes, this is the painted Birkin and it's only available as push offer per my SA.
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  11. Just quoting what my SA said. Kelly in lime is not in production, but a lot of people are requesting for that combo because of that specific one on display in FSH, but it's not in production.
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  12. I saw this is my Instagram. Am not sure if its a special order. But wouldn't it be great if its really in production? :nuts: Credits to authenticbagslovers ig.
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  13. Lime hasn't been on the SO list for a while so it's not quite likely that is one. And while I'm not verifying the authenticity of the bag, it could be a push offer item, much like Box items, just a thought.
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  14. The new color rose pourpre in Agneau.

    (I hope it's the right place to post)

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  15. Dare I say it reminds me of Anemone?
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