SMs back from Podium

  1. I saw this at my store today - too bad it was a T2 and not a T3, but probably best for my wallet right now. I really liked it - kind of in-between etain and etoupe, but leaning more toward etoupe. If anyone likes etoupe but wishes it didn't have the contrast stitching, this color is for you.
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  2. I have seem Ks in BE from resellers, I think B will be available too.
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  3. Does anyone knows BE in togo? Thanks
  4. Will Be in Paris next week. Should ask my SA for the BE to confirm if they will come out in B/K.
  5. Will be in togo and Kelly will be offered. Didn't ask about B.
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  6. I don't like etoupe but really like GA. It has a bit of mauve undertone where as etoupe to me is a bit muddy. Maybe the contrast from white stitching brings out the muddiness.
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  7. It's coming in Clemence, Epsom, and Swift.
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  8. This seems to be true SA told me that the Chicago store didn't order B or Ks in GA because they felt it was too similar to Etoupe
  9. I feel I'm in trouble.
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  10. IMG_5261.JPG Is poppy orange included in the lists of colors that are coming out? I saw this in the store
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  11. I forgot where I saw the pic n description in tpf but I seem to have seen someone scoring a lindy verso in orange poppy/ rouge grenat
    But I might be wrong ...
  12. Agreed! Saw Gris A yesterday in swift, it reminds me of a darker Sauge which I really like.
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    Yep, unfortunately budgets don't stretch to every B/K all sizes and colours. Hopefully each store know their regular customers preferences and ordered accordingly.
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  14. What I'm curious about is how Paris choose who to send push offer to? Some stores seem to get more than others.
  15. I hope my SA remembered me. This is the neutral I've been waiting for! Fingers crossed for a Gris A K32 or 35 with ghw.
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