SMs back from Podium

  1. Mid july I was told.
  2. New York Madison had a lot of women's wear the other day. The fall line looks promising,
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  3. Oh dear - I need to see this color IRL! Especially since I have a better chance of getting it than Gris T lol.
  4. I tried on a couple items this past Saturday. Nothing was displayed though - I asked and my SA went in the back and brought a whole bunch of stuff out. There's a dress I have my eye on...
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  5. Just saw the swatch for Rose extreme!! Its a intense pink, like rose shocking with tint of red! :love:
  6. That sounds fantastic- I can't wait to see it.
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  7. OMG!! sounds absolutely gorgeous!!
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  8. do you know what leathers will be available in...thanks!
  9. So a hot hot pink.... What leather was the swatch?
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  10. What leather type does it come in?
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    The swatch was in mysore, such a beautiful saturated pink! And my store will be getting it in mysore and epsom in slg, and clemence or evercolor for lindy..
    I'm debating between this color or rose shocking for my first lindy, cant decide since both are beautiful...
  12. I can't imagine how pretty the Lindy will be, epsecially in size 26!:love::love:
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  13. Any news on men's items? my SA told me there would be new bracelets...
  14. Rose Extreme sounds gorgeous! Did you get a chance to see the new Gris Asphalt color?
  15. Unfortunately I didnt see Gris Asphalt swatch since my SA only took out Rose Extreme swatch from the box... maybe they not suppose to show the fall swatch until SM is back from podium :P