SMs back from Podium

  1. Usually they start coming in July but could be as early as June. Hope your bag comes soon!
  2. Thanks for the reply. The SA said probably a couple of months but she took my name and phone # to call me. The store only ordered one of this bag in this size and color.
  3. Re: swatches I'm going to see them in July. There is a beautiful grey. Also some other deep pretty colours. I'll try to make photos and I really hope July they will have them.
  4. Was Quite surprised to learn that it is not dark. It is between etain and gris muette
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  5. I have seen gris asphalte (GA) kelly dog listed on the H website. I am not sure if they put wrong photo or not, but it looks so close to Etoupe. If you look at the small icons, the first one is GA, and the second one is etoupe. KD.jpg
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  6. Wow! Good find. Identical to etoupe but just lighter-seemingly no more grey though.
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  7. Thanks for the pic
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    Someone said it was going to be warm like etoupe. Whew! Glad I took etain.

    They have a photo with silver hardware too. It looks like a beige- grey. A bit darker than gris tourtourelle. Perhaps a good option for those who couldn't find gris tourtourelle.
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  9. This is underwhelming to me. It looks like a lighter Etoupe without contrast stitch. (I've never seen asphalt that looks like this either :P .)
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  10. Thanks for sharing these! I love how GA turns out. This is what I am looking for, a lighter less warm etoupe based color. Though it might look differently on a different leather though.
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  11. Beautiful colour - Thankyou for posting. Think I'd feel safer with Etoupe though as it's a little darker.
  12. GA is quite nice. Just wondering what leathers does it come in (apart from swift)?
  13. I know there will be Epsom Constance's
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  14. Thanks for sharing!!!!!! Does look more like a lighter Etoupe than true gray (Asphalt) color. The color is perfect if you missed GT or love Etoupe but not the white stitching. Can't wait to see in person with different leather.

    Guess the closest we will ever get to a true gray for now is GM.
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  15. Just saw on a beton Jige! Its so pretty!:heart:

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