SMs back from Podium

  1. I heared from my SA that the color black won't be produced or very limited the next years... Is that right?
  2. That seems....unlikely. I def have not heard this. If true I'll feel a lot better about TWO primarily black SOs!
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  3. That's so annoying - I'm in Europe and there are no such shenanigans at my local store.
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  4. I don't think so - there were lots of black Kelly options at the last podium
  5. This sounds exactly like what I am experiencing!! I asked SA twice about progress or status of my PO from June and she ignored my email twice. I am quite frustrated with the H games too.
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  6. I tried on a BZ mini roulis ghw in evercolor. I don't know if it's the lighting, it looks to have a touch of green. But when I look at pictures, BZ looks a very bright blue with no green at all. Um
  7. I saw a bunch of BZ bags yesterday. Boy they are bright. My eye is probably not as discerning, but it seemed like a clear super bright blue.
  8. It looks very similar to bleu hydra to me. I have a picotin in bleu hydra. It's a fun color and looked neutral to me but it really doesn't go with everything. Hard to explain. They are very very bright and have weird undertones that make them tricky
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  9. Hydra and Zanzibar are VERY boutique has bags in both colors on display and to me, it's like the difference between Blue Atoll and Blue St Cyr - one has more green undertones, one is a bit more blue.
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  10. Very good comparison. It's funny because this very slight difference is so important to me bc I love Atoll and wanted a bag so bad but was offered StC and didn't take it. I just couldn't get into that color even though it is so close. I feel the same way about Hydra and Zan. I'd take Hydra....
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  11. Yes Bleu Atoll is meant to look like the Indian Ocean or Polynesian ocean,a tropical water, where St.-Cyr is meant to look like the bright Mediterranean. I don't know which Hydra Bleu Hydra is named after but it has that very subtle undertone variation that to me looks more European, whereas Zanzibar does look like that bright blue you see in Zanzibar....
    H names usually have some kind of logic to their meanings :smile:
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  12. Hydra is a Greek island, like Mykonos.
  13. Yes, I know, but I do not know for certain if that is the source for the color name, whereas I have discussed Atoll and Saint-Cyr with people at H. I don't want to assume that the blue is Greek blue and that the many-headed monster was not bright blue itself :P
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  14. I could relate to this. Sometimes although it is similiar, there is still a bit of difference. Like having just a tinge green to the color, or how some color looks more pronounced in certain leather. I love blue atoll in togo. I recently saw BZ in swift, and its totally different from BH. I think BZ in epsom/clemance is closer to BH.
  15. LOL, I know what you mean! IMHO Hermès often uses the same colour and just changes it's name!!
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