SMs back from Podium

  1. It's definitely on the warm side. It's not a pure gray. Now I think about it, it's possible that they didn't bring up etoupe because I don't like etoupe but love both etain and GM.
  2. Thank you. This makes 100% sense to me. Very helpful.

    I have Gris T and wanted a cool tone so I think I did well choosing etain. You put my mind at ease.

    For anyone who wants etain, get it soon before they rest it. Bleu glacier is resting too.
  3. Maybe this is why it has taken so long for my etain PO to come in? It's been 9 months already. Is that normal?

    I'm anxious to see your etain reveal! Did I miss it?
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  4. I'm still waiting on podium orders from January and July 2016!
  5. Thanks for replying! I'm sorry to hear you have been waiting so long, but it does make me feel better! (I was getting worried my wait was unusual for a PO!)
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  6. I'm sure it will come through if you have an order placed. I think he was tell g me about the future.

    I didn't post a photo. Ok I will. On the cafe thread. I didn't want to post in the Paris thread. It's a bit testy these days.
  7. I waited 16 months for a PO and my SM always says it can take 6 to 18 months...
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  8. I just tell myself it's Hermes-it will come when it comes?! It's only hard when I see so many reveals of the exact bags I'm waiting for and just think where is mine?! I know they're worth waiting for though!! Hopefully ours will both appear soon!!
  9. Thanks for sharing your experience and timeframe from your SM.
    Yes! It would be great if we both heard some good news soon. ;)
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  10. I am almost at year 3.... with Etain!
  11. With a PO?!! Wow!! :sad:

  12. It seems like some stores sit down with clients to look at swatches for podium, the client chooses what they want and it comes within a reasonable predictable time. My local store doesn't do that. It is an off the cuff thing where I either mention or the SA occasionally asks if there is anything as far as bags on my wishlist. No swatches. No sitting down with thought. Last time the conversation literally took place on the stairs. And just because she says she requested something (which half the time she remembers incorrectly) does not mean it's coming in any predictable way. I have a sense if she did order it and she had a better client in the store on the day it arrived she'd give it to whomever she wanted. And I would be left to wait. I waited two years for a black birkin 35 Togo and finally bought it in europe. it sounds like your store operates the same way. It's not good customer service and as regular clients I think we deserve better. This is partly why I shop in Paris and partly why I consider using another store in the US. SA games are infuriating.
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  13. Ohhhhh this is my how my POs are done as well. Its so frustrating!!!!!!
  14. I think if you are in the store often enough, your SD is "reminded" of your bag wishes. Also, if you want something classic/popular, it is likely that it has been ordered. When I asked for gold/gold birkin, I got it in a month or two, because it was already ordered for the store at the prior podium. When I mentioned malachite, I got it that day. The SD knows what she asked for, and there is a binder of all expected items with people's names next to them. I think it is played a bit loosely because people change their minds and yes, a good client is likely to get a requested bag before someone else. Also, the vagaries of H production affect the stores also -- what the atelliers are making today determines what/when items are shipped.
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  15. Yes I appreciate your input. It's not that simple at all stores. Believe me. I'm a regular.
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