SMs back from Podium

  1. Thank you!! Sorry, meant to multi-quote in my previous post, but did not work
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  2. Thanks for the information! May I please ask for this new combo, - new mix croc b30 with the flap in lisse croc and body in chèvre comes in black and cuivre-, will it just be two types of leather but in same colour (i.e. Black or cuivre) Or will it be black and cuivre in the same bag? Thanks.
  3. They will be in the same color, so it's not some crazy bicolor design
  4. U welcome dear, actually the crafts went into the handles are quite spectacular and the handle itself is mixed with swift sombrero box or barenia leather depends on the color combo, it's a little heaven with all the best leather provide by H
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  5. Thanks.
  6. Do you know for the verso what are the available color combos? Any pics?
  7. Has anyone seen the new gris asphalt color yet?
  8. Was told very similar to etoupe and taupe
  9. Wow! This is very good news! I have been waiting for etoupe for so long that I was going to give up and I was not a fan of gris mouette so this new color will hopefully be the right shade of grey. I thought because of this "asphalt" would be more like graphite or plomb.
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  10. Thanks! I hope it is, i always wanted something lighter than etoupe, but a bit darker than gt. Cant wait to see the color real life.
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  11. THANK YOU lovelies for posting these valuable info!!!
    For now I'm not tempted by the new bags or shoes (yet) but that might change whenever I get to see them IRL :smile: :smile:
    Very curious indeed abt the Asphalt color!
  12. saw the photo on their ipad today that it looks slightly warm. A bit pinkish to my eye. Though SA and SM said it's between Gris Mouette and Etain. Not sure why they compared with these 2 but not etoupe.
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  13. it's on the earthy warm color tone, not cool like GM at all; and yes a tad lighter than etoupe
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  14. Oh gosh. So hard to picture this. I dont think of GM or etain as warm. Is it a pure grey then, no brown undertones like etain? I just bought etain. Hoping I did the right thing. They said at fSH that it is slowly being rested.
  15. Don't think they have the physical leather chip to the store yet, I can only see from the booklet. To me Gris T, etoupe, taupe or origan are warm grey with yellow/brown tone; Gris perle, Gris M, etain or ardoise are cool grey with a bit blue tone. Asphalt should be under warm grey family.
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