SMs back from Podium

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  1. I know most SMs are back from podium. Anyone have any news? Ostrich offered? Colors? Any info? :smile:
  2. Waiting on a call myself :smile:

    Anyone else?
  3. NO OSTRICH i was told ! but she did mention new colors especially in the more toned down area guilloche is back !! tomorrow i get the full report and will compliment my fast phone call info !
  4. No ostrich offered according to my SM as well :'(
  5. Using all ostrich for those special ghillies :graucho:
  6. I heard no lizard, minimal ostrich, and no exotic CDCs. :sad:
  7. Wow, a real shortage of exotics then
  8. I was told NO ostrich. Going to FSH at the end of Feb looking for ostrich. Hope I am lucky there.
  9. No exotic CDCs...but I was told they may offer them after they look at this previous season.

    I also recall being told the color pallet was jewel tones and much lower limits on ordering than previous seasons.
  10. from what i've seen- theme is sport, they are inspired by sport events like golfing this year so imagine colours like the sky, and grass.

    colours- there is a blue in exotic and normal leathers called bleu izmir, capucine will be back, a new pink called flamingo ....and a green...i think..i forgot, sorry! theres also printed( monogram) canvas coming up in constance.

    the constance will be coming back and it will come back in a new style, even bigger sized, shorter strap- think huge constance right under your armpit. a few new styles of bags will be offered, but they are all rather big. kelly wallet- new style as well, with a stripe right down the middle, think club birkin but in a kelly wallet.
  11. Is this the Fall? That bigger Constance sounds good to me.
  12. I was told no box for birkins and very little box across the board :sad:
  13. Thanx for the intel pianoprincess :flowers:
    I wonder what kind of greens H offers next season.. Hopefully something like vert anis.. Flamingo sounds interesting..
  14. I'm hoping for something similar to Vert Anis, its my favourite H green!
  15. Unfortunately the green is not like vert anis, like I mentioned this podium was about sport , so it is closer to the colour of grass, think a dark green.... Flamingo is not a neon pink we would associate with the bird- it is like crevette , but even lighter and milkier, very salmony light washed out pink. Bleu Izmir is like the current bleu roi, but lighter and alot of teal in it, think bleu de galice but with even more teal....

    The Constance is big, short strapped, more meant to be hand carried casually and not slung on shoulders. From what I saw it is.... Huge. I'm guessing 33 cm or so. The shape is not élan but like the 23 cm we have now, just upsized!

    Whatever it is seems like the bags are going back towards the big trend. The new designs are all towards the bigger side.