Smoothoprter Moniiiiii this is let-trade

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  1. hello Moniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    How are you?:heart:
    It have been long time haven't heard from you, are you good? Made a lot of purchased??
    You haven't stay at ezboard anymore?!
    My little girl almost 1 year and she will go to school in coming Aug. She grow up very fast. :love:
    They just register to be a member of this purse forum and I am so happy to see you here. It seem quit good of this forum, everyone seen very very friend!
  2. Hi Ada,

    I was hoping that was you. I'm good. I'm glad your baby girl is doing well. I have been buying more Chanel lately than Louis Vuitton. Does Mr. Wong carry Chanel?
  3. Your not on ezboard anymore monica?
  4. Yes, I'm still on ezboard. Ada means that I'm not on the ALVA board.
  5. Are you only on the BBB?
  6. There and here.:yes:
  7. hello Moni:
    They do carrying chanel, but sold very fast in local. Most buyer is taiwanese. They love chanel very very much!
    Whoaaaaa............. you got many lv collection now!!
    You are chanel fan now?! :smile:
  8. Hi Ada,

    I'm glad to see you on the purse forum. I can't believe your baby girl is almost 1 year old. Please let me know if I can help you buy any more baby girl clothes from U.S. ebayers. I'm always glad to help.

    Yes, I think I have all of the Louis Vuitton I want. I buy mostly Louis Vuitton shoes now. I love their shoes and I can't get enough of them. Louis Vuitton and Manolo Blahnik - my favorites.
  9. Moniii:
    As I remembered you wear size 7.5?
    I think cerise heels look very nice, however you should already have it!

    Thank you for helping me buy the bb clothes. If I need help, I will surely thinking of you. Hahhaha...........
  10. You have a great memory Ada. Yes, 7 1/2 for me. Let me know when Mr. Wong has some great LV shoes in size 38 or 38.5 I can even wear 39 sometimes.
  11. This seems more like a converastion that should take place via PM.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.