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  1. I just had some dental work done, and am on a "soft food only" diet for the next couple of weeks. I'm a very picky eater, so it's been hard. I feel like everything is sugary and not really nutritious.

    Does anyone have any good smoothie recipes? I particularly LOVE peanut butter, so recipes with that would be great. I can't eat peanut butter alone because it's too sticky but diluted in a smoothie would be fine.
  2. I don't have any with peanut butter, but I frequently make fruit smoothies. I use frozen berries, vanilla yogurt, and a bit of juice... if I have bananas then I throw one in as well. I don't use ice, since it just waters it down. If you use frozen berries then it's nice and thick and there's no need to use ice. I don't measure, since I make them so often, but once you start doing it you'll figure it out.
  3. my 4 kids drink smoothies every morning before school. They also use frozen berries, yogurt, bannanas, and OJ. I hope you recover soon!
  4. If you wanted something more savory instead of sweet, you could try creamy soups. I often make smoothies for the kids to have with breakfast, too, but they are definitely sweeter and based on fruits (pineapple is our "secret" ingredient - it makes them so much better).