Smoothie tip

  1. My kids and hubby love smoothies, so I make them alot at home.

    My favorite trick is when the bananas (for eating) are getting too soft, peel them and throw them in a zip bag and into the freezer. You can just put them in the freezer but they are really hard peel frozen :smile: A frozen banana, handfull of frozen or fresh fruit, a container of yougurt and a splash of juice and you have 2-3 smoothies for under a $1!

    I mentioned this is the coffee thread, if you have left over coffee, freeze it in ice cube trays. Makes frappacinos fast, easy and cheap :smile:
  2. I love smoothies! That is a really great idea with the bananas but for some reason, I don't like bananas in my smoothies although I like eating it alone. The leftover coffee tip is great, thanks :tup:
  3. i think i'm going to start making more smoothies...thanks for the inspiration;)
  4. Gosh, that's such a great idea! I hate eating over ripe bananas, thank you.
  5. I had a smoothie blender & just when I tried using it again, it seems to have died. I am really craving a smoothie now too :sad:
  6. do you have a regular blender?
  7. oh, thanks.
  8. That's a perfect idea! I make a protein smoothie for breakfast every day and my bf hates over-ripe bananas. I will try that.
  9. I like using Kefir in smoothies. It is a tangy type of yoghurt drink.

    My fav is to get peach Kefir and add frozen peach slices to it (the kind with zero sugar added).

    It's finally getting warm enough to start thinking about smoothies again. But not warm enough to think of smoothies at breakfast!