smooth togo indicator of a fake birkin?

  1. hello ladies and gents!

    as you know I have a soft sport in my heart for togo birkins and all my birkins, ecept of 3 are togo.
    But the thing is that I ONLY crave for the UNVEINY togo leathers, that´s why I have declined several bags in the past....the even pattern on the togo is very importend to me.
    I love the look of the "togo-goes-clemence" skins:smile:
    anyway, I went to the mothership in paris past weekend to pick up my etoupe 40 cm SO baby(clemence not togo btw) and also 2 presents(jige and jige elan for 2 dear friends) when this unknown to me SA came over to me and "inspected" my blue jean birkin...
    When my regular SA came, I told her about the male SA and she said that he first thought my bag was a fake because of the really even leather...

    After hermes I headed over to colette to pick up a new balenciaga scarf when this 2 german tourists started talking about how my birkin had to be a fake...
    I NEVER thought about that but is unveiny togo automatically FAKE when you inspect bags??

    thanks a ton my dear ladies:crybaby:
  2. Togo leather can be veined or unveined. For more info, see Hermes(groupie)'s Leather Book in the reference section.
  3. Oh I don't think so, I took a good look at my togo birkin and it doesn't have veining either...
  4. Don't feel bad dear, I have a togo Birkin that's unveined. Actually, most of my togo is unveined. I prefer it that way and just got lucky.
  5. well compared to some togos mine look totally different....
    it could as easily be mistaken for smaller scaled clemence! thanks for your input...I feel better now. The comment of the 2 tacky girls just made me feel very very down the other day..
  6. Hmmm, mine is unveined as well--I would not worry about it. I'm surprised the tourists made those comments within earshot--how rude!
  7. especially as I had 2 BIG orange hermes shoppers in my hands.....

    well, there are always haters and I was wearing my converse chucks that day....besides of me being a young male-some people just dot get that you CAN use a birkin as an everyday bag as well...:shrugs:

    also, what do you ladies a 40 cm....what leathers besides togo and clemence are available lately??chevre seems to be gone lately....:crybaby:
  8. wow, hennaria, how awful. I prefer the unveined togo too and I didnt know it was that uncommon that people would make remarks like that
  9. Honey,
    Just because they can´t get it, doesn´t mean it´s fake
    (".. jealousy, jealousy is such an evil thing...")

  10. And I´m a young male too, I wear a lot of converses and some of my togos are unveined as well...;)

  11. then that means you have great taste;)

    v., we should definitly meet when I come to lissabon the next time!
  12. def.!!!
    Are you coming soon??:yahoo:

  13. I just got a blk 40 in Fjord from the mothership store over the summer. It's a veiny and hearty leather though, so you might not like it too much.
  14. pics please!!

  15. i also feel that with the commonly seen togo veined leathers vs my togo unveined leather bag - i feel abit persuaded to feel that the unveined leather is kinda wierd... (as much as i always tell myself that unveined togo leather is a good thing)

    but i wld be very embarrassed if the hermes SA in paris thought my bag was fake... (gosh, becos its coming from the mother shop, i expect more from them)