Smooth or Grained leather for small big bag?

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  1. Hi there, wondering if I should get the black smooth leather or grained leather version of the small big bag. I think smooth might be easier scratched but looks better and I already have grained Celine tote. But don’t want to baby it either. Thoughts?

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  2. I like the smooth leather. I had a smooth leather big bag bucket and in my opinion the leather is quite durable.

    I think the smooth leather looks more luxurious than the grained. If you don’t want to baby it, don’t baby it. I think it will hold up better than you think.
  3. I own two small big bags, one smooth leather and one grained leather. I love my smooth leather! I must say it is holding up well and has turned out hardier than I feared. As for the grained leather piece which was bought as a backup, I may want to sell it off eventually.
    So I’d say, go with what calls out to you :smile:
  4. Since you already have a grained one, then go with the smooth leather for big bag. Yes the scratches will show easier, BUT used leather is so beautiful! It get character. Yes, the first ones will probably bother you, and at first you want your bag to look pristine and in mint condition. But if it is a bag you love and use a lot, it will look so nice after a while.
  5. Another vote for smooth leather, especially since you already have a grained leather big bag!
  6. Thanks you guys! Got the smooth! Appreciate all the input!
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  7. I prefer the grained
  8. I have smooth and it’s just sooo luxurious. Haven’t had an issue with scratching on the big bag
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  9. I have the same exact bag you show in your picture. I love it. But I wouldn't be opposed to smooth leather in the future. Both leathers look "luxurious" to me. It just comes down to preference :smile:
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