Smooth or Drummed leather?

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Smooth leather or drummed leather for micro luggage?

  1. smooth

  2. drummed

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  1. Dear all, for a micro luggage, am torn in between getting a drummed leather in black or a smooth leather in pastel buttery yellow. Advices please...
  2. Smooth black Micro as it has lambskin lining. Drummed has faux suede. I like smooth better, makes the bag looks more expensive and is actually not that difficult to maintain unless you are the sort that cannot live with a scratch. If you are then go for drummed.

    Was there a need to start 3 threads on this though?

  3. thanks cotonblanc, but smooth leather has only pastel yellow colour an khaki color (which am not keen on) available. Black is available in drummed leather.

    Oh dear! I thought it didn't go through and hence 3 threads, let me try to delete the other 2!
  4. Smooth! It just looks more luxurious. I have a nano in smooth black leather. Gorgeous in my biased opinion :smile:

    No scratches on mine. SA told me to rub it with your own facial oil to get rid of scratches if they happen!
  5. I have a facial oil from tarte would that work? Would it leave a mark cause it's oil? Thx

  6. Ops. I meant the oils from our faces lol. I am not joking. The SA showed it to me.
  7. [​IMG]

    Found this picture posted by cotonblanc. My SA only have the following few available for smooth leather:
    1. Buttery yellow - 1st on top right
    2. Khaki - 1st on top left
    3. Mastic - I guess is 2nd at bottom from right

    Drummed leather would be black, coral (3rd at bottom from left) and indigo (bottom 1st from left)

    Dilemma. I prefer smooth leather and I do like the buttery yellow but am so worried that it will get stained easily and difficult to match. Also, I plan to keep the bag forever if I were to buy, not sure if this colour will only be suitable for younger looking age ladies:nogood:. I know....I am too indecisive, but the price is so steep that I do really need to consider a lot before making a decision[​IMG]
  8. I have both & love both. I'm just as happy with either 1. If you will only have 1 & planned to use it forever, black is absolutely the best choice. Hands down!!!
  9. if you want something that you can use forever. i suggest buy black color. maybe you can still find the black with smooth leather. good luck
  10. Thank you for all the input and advices:smile:. Hubby had made a choice for me:lol: