Smooth, No wrinkly, Veiny wait no, Black no White ..

  1. Do you ever get super indecisive when ordering a bag? I always do. Today, I ordered my first Bbag, and I asked for thick, smooth, slouchy not too shiny.. Now, I'm worried it won't have any veins, but then again I don't want super veiny either.. argh..

    and the other day I ordered a different bag (non Balenciaga) and after I bought it, I decided that actually I prefered another color. THen woke up and changed my mind again, thiscontinued for a week.
  2. I'm just indecisive in general, so when you throw a $1200 bag into the mix, it gets really crazy!! :wacko: Trust me you are not alone!!
  3. i have the same prob..i blame it to the fact that i'm a libra :hrmm:
  4. <<<<== i blame it on the fact that I'm a Gemini (twins) :angel: