smooth leathers

  1. besides box and swift what leathers are truly smooth? i love the look of box but it can be so stiff ...........swift is a tad fragile for an everyday workhorse bag. Is that really it?
  2. chamonix
  3. Box will soften over time.
  4. evercalf
  5. barenia
  6. vache natural
  7. evergrain
  8. I really dig swift. Or it's previous name - Gulliver :p
  9. I have a lovely Havane Swift Birkin and I use it almost daily without problems. I don't think it's too fragile but I also don't think Box is either.....LMAO!!!!!
  10. Wow - brain bubble. I didn't finish my previous thought whatsoever. Mea culpa!!

    I'm not worried about swifts durability. The Gulliver bags I've seen (precious few, but still) have all weathered soooo lovely it made me want one in the first place! Mine is etoupe, though, so I'm a bit more careful about the colour than the leather. Um, so okay two posts and still no real help from me LoL
  11. Actually...I think evergrain is not truly smooth; it is embossed evercalf
  12. I use my swift constantly and it wears very well. Not fragile at all
  13. pheww....good to know that swift leather is not fragile. i think it would be such a pity to have to be soooo careful all the time about carrying your swift bag.
  14. Do your scratches rub out easily?
  15. Me, too :tup: