Smooth leather question

  1. How is everybody's smooth leather luggage holding up? I have had mine for more than half a year, only used it at most twenty times. I feel it gets dirty more easily than I expected. Mine is orange. I noticed there is a sheen of dark shade over the leather, quoting my bf: "This bag looks so old for just a few months".

    But I do not know how to clean it, the orange seems might just come off if I wipe it. Should have just got drummed leather instead. :balloon::balloon:Any idea how to protect smooth leather? Maybe I should proof it with something? :cool::cool:

    I kind of want to get a phantom, but celine's lack of cleaning/refurbishing service makes me cringe.
  2. hmm, I dont know about the orange smooth leather, but I find my smooth leathers come up nice and clean with a good leather cream conditioner/cleaner.
  3. Personally, I use black rock on my smooth leather Celine bags.

    This topic has been discussed before and you can find more info here:
  4. Hi, I haven't had my Mini long enough so I can't really give my take on it. But I have a smooth Phantom and it's holding up pretty well after about 1.5 years. It's blush-coloured, hasn't been treated/cleaned with any sprays/creams, over-stuffed, knocked about a fair bit, and rained on when I'm dashing for shelter during frequent tropical thunderstorms where I live. A bag for me is a functional item so I don't put a police tape around it when I'm out. Would have thought light-coloured bags are more prone to discolouration, but the resilience of the phantom has exceeded my expectations which is why I'm a fan of the luggages. On a separate note, I think worn-in bags have character and a girl with a scruffier Celine looks really cool!
  5. totally agree!