Smooshy vs. stiff leather-does one wear better?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm trying to save up for a BBag (I'm thinking a classic Black SGH City) and am contemplating the type of leather to go for. I really like the softer, smooshy leather, but I'm wondering if it's as durable as a stiffer leather? This is a bag I plan on keeping for a loooong time, so although I love a soft leather if it's going to get worn out more quickly I might suck it up and buy a stiffer one.

    Do the stiffer leathers soften up over time as well?
  2. They will all soften up over time. If you get a new one (stiff one) you'll be able to break it in yourself which is part of the delight of owning a bbag.

    It's always nice when they come to you "smooshy" but if you're going to be keeping it for a long time, then I suggest getting a new one. So that you could start the "breaking in" process yourself.
  3. I don't like a stiff one......snigger....i prefer mine to come to me smooshy.
  4. I have one City that came to me especially stiff (straight from BalNY)...I have spent many days breaking her in.

    Although she is a lovely color ('07 Cafe), I didn't enjoy carrying her as much in the beginning because I don't care for the "boxy" look. But, I can attest that she is starting to soften up a bit and I am confident that she will morph into the puddly-soft form that most of my other Bals have taken.

    I can't speak to one's lifespan over the other (I have only been collecting Bals for a couple of years), but I can say that all of my Bbags look better every time that I wear them. That is why I am now a devotee!!

    If you strongly prefer the smooshy look, go for it! I think that they will all get there eventually, but if you have the opportunity to buy something that is "right" from the start, it will bring you more satisfaction. Just my two cents!!!
  5. So even the stiff bags will soften up over time? I was thinking they would stay stiff-but I do like the idea of "breaking it in" myself!
  6. hmmm...interesting! :nuts: