Smooshy leather

  1. I have a question about the leather on MAMs. Are they smooshy (does it collapse when you put it down), or do you find that it varies from color to color? I'm thinking about the yellow one, but I don't really want one that's stiff.
  2. Though I'll defer to the true experts, I think it varies from color to color. I've raved about the night blue, it's very smooshy/soft/touchable lambskin leather. I believe the pale yellow is similar.
  3. Exactly....and to add to Balihai88's perfected statement, I'm told that some leathers are more stiff than others...."Elephant" is an example that comes to mind. tell me....if you caught that Night Blue MAB on sale, what would you do??? :graucho:
  4. ^^ What are you even saying, crazy girl?! You know what I'd do, I don't even have to say it :lol:
  5. Eggplant MAM is fairly stiff, but I like the structured look it gives the bag.
  6. I was told by an SA during the RM sample sale that the light grey, sage, lighter blue shade and elephant were all smooshy leather. The SA also mentioned that these bags scratched more easily due to the soft leather. I don't know if any is this is fact though, as I haven't seen these bags in person.