Smooshy Black Twiggy from a wonderful PFer!

  1. :drool: Leather on that bag looks amazing... Good luck guys!
  2. yeah, scrummy leather !
  3. very nice leather in this one!!
  4. This seller (and Pf'er) is terrific and takes awesome care of her bags! S/s '05 leathers are absolutely amazing--I think I like them even more than '04. I wonder if the goats were eating something special that season???? :P

    Anyway, this is a great bag from a great seller!!
  5. pretty! :heart:
  6. YAY! Mocean, glad you're okay!!!:flowers:
  7. thanks, everyone! the leather on my black twigster is truly divine. it is my favorite- soft thick and very very smooshy! :heart:
    i'm hoping she ends up with a PFer!
  8. This twiggy is absolutely stunning!!!!!! The leather is gooooorgeous!
  9. Jennifer,Your bag looks amazing:drool:
  10. Ooooo, I'm bidding on this........
  11. Me too!!! Good luck everyone!!!:yes:
  12. attention!!!
    if you are bidding on my Twiggy, please note that I cannot find the original Balenciaga dustbag and you will receive the bag in a brand-new Gerard Darel dustbag.
  13. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: all mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. yippy, congrats to *jennifer* & julielive, that bag's got gorgeous leather :wlae: