smooshy black twiggy and city on ebay!!!

  1. oooh la la!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. They both look great!:nuts:
  3. i love how the leather looks thick and smooshy at the same time....such a steal!!!!:heart: :nuts:
  4. wow... such a good price!!!! 755 BIN! *almost BINs even though she has a black city*
  5. lol. me too. and mine is a perfect s/s '05 one. we are sick people.
  6. i think this one is older too... like an 04 or early 05, no notched rivets... *sigh* *considers*

    *slaps bidding hand*
  7. go go go mocean!!! this city bag is such a steal for only $755! :yahoo:
  8. Ha, me too!
  9. I mustn't *slaps bidding hand again*

    how is it still available? someone get this quickly... *begs*
  10. OMG, that is such a fabulous price and I'm so tempted but the description she provided of the bag...has me abit worried.She said that one of the corners is falling apart...and I'm not sure I want that.

    But the price is SO good.
  11. That is one of THE most smooshy, gorgeous Cities I have ever seen! :nuts: Someone needs to grab this baby fast.
  12. Gorgeous soft, smooshy bags! Great price too! C'mon girls! I have the early 05 black city too and was tempted to BIN as well, lol!
  13. I can't tell on my computer how bad the wear looks on the corner? I'm really really tempted. I want a city so bad!!!
  14. You should go for it, since you want a city and it's for a fabulous price!

    As for the wear..I can't tell either but it looks like the lining on the bottom of the bag is fading....and she also states that one of the corners is almost falling least that's what she's hinting.

    But for that price I'd go for it!!! Good Luck.:flowers: