Smooshy Black Leather Bag?

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  1. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I don't own a single, black bag and feel like I need one in my wardrobe. Not too big. I'd prefer a shoulder bag over hand-carry. I don't like anything shiny (patent or glazed leather). Around the $600 range or lower. Thanks in advance!
  2. How about the Tylie Malibu ? Most styles are around $400 to $800. I am thinking of getting one myself. Or Botkier Check Nordstrom
  3. Someone here wanted to sell her Botkier Bryant hobo. It is gorgeous and I would buy it but I have about 7 black bags already. My computer crashed so I will try to remember who it was. PM me if you're interested and maybe we can figure out if she has it up on an eBay auction or something.
  4. [​IMG]Here is a photo of it. The handle is whipstitched. I own several Botkiers myself.
  5. What about a gustto? If you're looking for smooshy, you can't beat them!
  6. how abut gustto or sissi rossi?
  7. Linea Pelle makes wonderfully smooshy bags. Check them out.
  8. Thanks everyone! I don't know anything about most of the brands you mentioned (the Botkier is very cute though!). Guess I've got some homework to do...but keep the suggestions coming! Pictures would also be greatly appreciated. ;)
  9. I would recommend a Botkier too - they have great leather! I love the leather on my black Bianca :heart:
    I really like the Christy by Marc Jacobs too - that looks like a great black bag imo! (Edit: Just realized that that's probably a bit out of your price range unless you can find a great deal somewhere..)

    What's your style in bags? Would you like something casual or more dressy?
  10. gerard darel 24h in black, it's a beautiful bag!!!!!!!!
  11. I also recommend either a gustto or botkier...their smoosh factor is A+++!!!
  12. Gustto or a used Balenciaga...