Smooshy Black 05 City - BIN $995

  1. Oh, she certainly belongs to a sweet PF'er! A fellow Balenciaga lover! Good luck, Chris! She's a beauty!!! :smile:
  2. I just received my 05 black city today and I can now say from experience this os one hell of an awesome bag with amazing leather! Now I see what everyone means about the smooshy, chewy 05 black city. WOW!!
  3. No I can't.....:cry: !
  4. beautiful :yes: :yes: Good luck with your sell !! :P
  5. Oh how I want that bag!! If only I weren't on a (self-imposed) purse ban!!!
  6. It's a great price for a bag that is so many people's must-have. And the leather is AMAZING. I'm very tempted, but already have 2 black B-bags (though not a city!) and am trying to diversify...
  7. Thanks for posting slinks! Man... I've spent a lot this month already so I can't - otherwise I would've hit that BIN button last night!! Great price for an 05!! How I wish I could!!
  8. Someone is going to love this bag!!!!! I know there were so many looking for a great black City..... here it is!!
  9. Thanks for the compliments and good wishes everyone!
  10. I can't believe no one has snatched this up! Very fair price for a gorgeous bag!
  11. ^ ditto
  12. I know, 05 leather is so yummy!!! Sigh, I don't have a black Bbag yet, but do I 'need' one...??? Someone please snag it so we don't have to suffer~~~
  13. Yes, Tiramisu, you NEED one.
    Unless you don't think you do?
    But I think a black bag is a staple.:yes:
  14. :nuts: Wow that leather...:drool: